Bellerbys Scholarships

11 April - 15 May, 2016

The competition is now closed. The winners were named on 26th of May, 2016.
The details can be found below.

About the Contest

Bellerbys Colleges and EXCEL are happy to announce a number of 20%-40% scholarships available for students from Moldova to study on A-Levels (16-18 years old) at one of Bellerbys Colleges: Bellerbys Brighton, Bellerbys Cambridge, Bellerbys Oxford and Bellerbys London. The Scholarships will be deducted from the tuition fees and are valid for September 2016 admission.

If you have dreams and ambitions, studying in the UK will change your life.

At Bellerbys College, we believe that one day all education will be international. Now we have:

50 years of teaching international students

4 specialist colleges that develop your interests

53% of Bellebys A Level students progressed to the UK's top 20 universities

Bellerbys is a top international college for A Level exam results

81% of our students achieved A*-B grade against a 2015 national average of 53

153 of our students graduated to the UK's top 10 universities.

Bellerbys Colleges

Bellerbys BRIGHTON

modern boarding school for 13 to 18 year-old students


specialist college for science and engineering

Bellerbys OXFORD

specialist college for art, humanities and law

Bellerbys LONDON

specialist business college

Selection Rounds

Who can apply for A-Levels programme?

High school students with minimum 9 years of schooling in Moldova and which will be at least 16 years old by 1st September 2016
College students (year 1-3)
Students with at least Intermediate level of English
Genuinely interested and motivated to study at one of Bellerbys Colleges


We do NOT require a formal English language exam in order to be entered for the Scholarship selection, however the winning non EU (countries outside EU) candidates may be required to pass an IELTS test as per UK Border Agency requirements in case they are 18.
No. The Scholarship does not have any money value, is not trasferable to another person and comes as a discount to your tuition fees for academic programmes at ONE of Bellerbys Colleges.
Unfortunatelly, no further financial support will be available for winning students, so plan your finances well in advance and discuss further financing/sponsoring options with your family or sponsor.
Yes. For all non EU winning candidates we will provide full VISA support. It should be noted however, that this does not cover the VISA fee itself for the UK.
At this stage, you are expected to register by filling in the registration form below and will be expected to write an essay (min 1 page A4 format) on a given topic, which will be announced by email until Midnight, May 9th, 2016.
The essay topic will be sent to your by email and you are required to send it to us.
We will contact you by email by 11/05/2016 to announce the results of preliminary round.
At this stage we invite the shortlisted candidates are expected to prove their level of English and academic level.
They will be invited to take a Bellerbys English test at EXCEL office on 13th of May and to bring the School grades transcript.
All the candidates will take the test at the same time. The schedule will be send by email.
The Scholarship Awarding Committee has announced the Competition results. The winners are:

Sergiu Rusnac - 40% scholarship
Cipriana Tabacaru - 20% scholarship
Gabriela Galben - 20% scholarship
Iuliana Hmarnaia - 20% scholarship
Victoria Kracoschi - 20% scholarship

To accept or reject your scholarship offer, you should contact us either by email or by phone 022224059 by 10th of June. In case we don’t hear from you till the indicated deadline, your scholarship offer will be cancelled.

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